Professional Pilot

If you've ever dreamed of flying or simply have an interest in aviation, we offer flight programs intended for helping you achieve your goal of becoming a professional pilot - including general aviation, aerial photography, flight instruction, corporate aviation or the airline industry.

Aviation Maintenance

In this intense, industry-current program, you'll quickly become familiar with everything from changing a tire to rebuilding a turbine engine. You will also learn about all types of today's aircraft - from small single engines to the large transport airplanes used by major airlines - as you start the path to becoming a licensed professional in this exciting field.


In this intense program, you'll have a well-rounded and highly marketable background in avionics, the testing and repairing of the sophisticated navigation and communication equipment everyday pilots depend on. As a graduate of this program, you may even qualify to work in other industries that depend on certified electronic technicians.

Quality Control/Nondestructive Testing

In a world where public safety and quality production is essential, there is a growing need for qualified Nondestructive Testing and Quality Control Technicians. In this intense program, you'll gain the knowledge and skills required to perform sophisticated testing techniques using X-ray, magnetic particles, ultrasonics and more - abilities highly valued in many industries.

Aviation Technology Management

Aviation Technology Management is a nationally accredited accelerated bachelor's program designed specifically for Spartan graduates and working adults. This degree combines training, experience and education to increase your marketability and advance your career potential in the aviation and aerospace industries... and can be completed in as little as 16 months after completion of our associate of applied science degree!