Harrington College Of Design

Communication Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts

If you want to take graphic design or advertising design to the next level, then Harrington College of Design’s Communication Design Program could be the right fit for you. Communication design includes graphic design and advertising design plus a whole lot more. We like to call it education for both sides of your brain. Harrington’s Communication Design Program is different because many design programs teach you how to do graphic design – brochures, logos and web sites. That’s ok, but it’s just not the whole picture. Today’s in-demand careers require you to also be able to think strategically about design. In other words, you need to be able to come up with the ideas, understand the audiences, and have the design skills to solve visual problems. Communication design seeks to teach you the “why,” not just the “what” – so you can succeed in our design hungry world.

Harrington’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program includes a variety of classes built to help you become a well-rounded design professional. During your dynamic eight semesters at Harrington you can learn to: